Monday, July 14, 2014

Thank Heaven for Little Kids

A  L  O  H  A !
" A great person is 
one who has not
 lost the heart 
of a child. "

“There are 
a million rules 
for being a girl. 
There are a 
million things 
you have to do
 to get through 
each day. . . " 
               Elizabeth Scott,
                    The Unwritten Rule

"A smile is
 a curve 
that sets everything 
            Phyllis Diller

‎”Children are likely 
to live up to 
what you believe 
of them.” 
          Lady Bird Johnson


Thanks for coming to Play!
                               Fondly, cloudia

" She had been a teenager 
and she knew that, 
despite the apparent contradictions,
 a person's teenage years 
lasted well into their fifties.” 
 Derek Landy, Mortal Coil

Mural Car!

A L O H A !
This ordinary car is a rolling chapel!

"Do not wait for 
extraordinary circumstances 
to do good action;
 try to use 
ordinary situations."
Jean Paul

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