Tuesday, November 19, 2013

He Touched Me

A  L  O  H  A !
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Cloud Dervish

" The universe is dynamic. 
When we are creative, 
we are the most alive 
and in touch with it."

Brad Dourif 

Sir James Galway

“ It is always pleasant
 to be urged to do something
 on the ground 
that one can do it well. ”

 George Santayana

" The secret of genius 
is to carry the spirit 
of the child 
into old age. . .
never losing 
your enthusiasm. "

Aldous Huxley 

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Going into a crowd
is not my habit.

But Sir James Galway
played in Honolulu on Sunday
so with my tall friend John
at my side, I braved
the Blaisdel Concert Hall.

Have I mentioned
that I have played flutes
of every sort
my whole life?
(when medically possible)

How could I pass this up?

His tone was instructive,
not a particle of air,
nor the tiniest vibration
out of place.


He made that gold flute
sound like wood.

He also played
a penny whistle!

"I'm one of those amateurs,"
I said to himself afterwards,
"and I will be hearing your tone 
in my head for quite some time.
If you wouldn't mind-
would you touch my hand
with yours?"

He placed his atop mine,
I put my other atop his.
I think he closed his eyes.

An Angel Passed.

And so the 
Laying of of Hands
to inform my playing;
If not technically
then in my

Who would YOU
like to meet?

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