Monday, September 22, 2014

Beauty in the Walking in the Beauty

A  L  O  H  A !
“But the beauty 
is in the walking -
- we are betrayed 
by destinations.” 
              Gwyn Thomas


Have A Lovely Eve
               Warmly, cloudia

Fear Cure

A  L  O  H  A !
Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle 'HONU
Thanks, Carroll Cox  Link

"Friendship with ones self 
is all important, 
because without it 
one cannot be friends 
with anyone else in the world."
Eleanor Roosevelt

"Those that are a friend 
to themselves
 are sure to be 
a friend to all."

What is the sound of Cloud Hands clapping?

"If life 
were predictable 
it would cease 
to be life..."
              Eleanor Roosevelt

"The secret to happiness 
is to put the 
burden of proof 
on unhappiness."  
              Robert Brault


I'm timid.

Now I'm strong enough
to accept that.
No more covering it up
with boldness.

So I am free
to share with You
a fear talisman
that works for me;

It is called:

Today Is Not The Day

Today is not the day.

That thing you most fear
will not be coming today;
Salutations and
burden of proof
upon ye!

Forever is comprised
of Now
riding the rail of your 
so to speak,
growing so wise
the truth is a squeak;

But I can perceive it
beneath world's din
tune out the inessential
and move right in.

Thank YOU
for visiting today!
                Warmly, cloudia

Food Truck Mural

A  L  O  H  A !
This food truck SCREAMS for attention
on the streets of Honolulu.
The tusked pig may be an homage to 
Kamapuaa Hawaii's pig-like god

Linking to Monday Murals


Thank You
for looking in
             Warmly, cloudia