Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Radio Face

A  L  O  H  A
  Mr & Mz World 
& All the Ships at Sea!

We're Broadcasting LIVE from the studio today
 The Old New Brunswick, New Jersey Marconi Company Wireless Station,. courtesy

 In 1919 the facility joined the newly organized
 Radio Corporation of America (RCA)
 as station WII under the World Wide Wireless logo. 
Broadcast pioneer, RCAs David Sarnoff 
is seen here in 1921, accompanied by
 some legendary scientists.
 From left to right are: three unidentified men, 
David Sarnoff, Thomas J. Hayden,
 Ernst Julius Berg, S. Benedict, 
Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla. . . .

When I was 15,
 the boy next door
was obsessed. . . .

with RADIO.

He had a weak 'pirate' station
from which we broadcast
to NO listeners around the block.

 When he got an intern-ship
at the local Public Radio Station
I started hanging out there.
As I recall, I drove to
with one of the engineers.
I was 16.

Eventually I learned a bit,
producing a small segment
in a community based show
for which I interviewed
and edited the interviews.
I remember cutting 
recording tape
with a razor blade,
then splicing it together.

During my one year of college
I had a show late at night.

Sunday, I joined Carroll Cox
[ Link ]

on his broadcast. 

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[ Listen Here ]

" Every heart that has beat strongly
 and cheerfully
 has left a hopeful impulse
 behind it in the world,
and bettered the
 tradition of mankind. "

Robert Louis Stevenson

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