Saturday, August 9, 2014

Humans of Waikiki

A   L   O   H   A !
“Smile at strangers                         
and you just might                          
change a life.”                                  
             Steve Maraboli    

"If the world seems
 cold to you, 
kindle fires
 to warm it." 
                      Lucy Larcom

"Some Have Entertained Angels Unaware"

Thanks for YOUR Visit, Angel
                                     Warmly, cloudia

Some Dog Friends

A L O H A !
"Silly is you 
in a natural state,
 and serious is 
something you have to do 
until you can get 
silly again."
           Mike Myers

“The other day 
when I was walking 
through the woods, 
I saw a rabbit standing 
in front of a candle 
making shadows 
of people on a tree.”
                               Stephen Wright

" I hope my tongue
 in prune juice smothers,
 If I belittle 
dogs and mothers. "
                 Ogden Nash

Bye Now!

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