Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shadow Partner

A   L   O   H   A !
"The shadow is
 the invisible tail 
we still drag behind. 

Carefully amputated,
 it becomes the 
healing serpent 
of the mysteries. 

Only monkeys
 parade with it. "

                                                 The Integration of the Personality

 "If you don't have 
any shadows 
you're not standing
 in the light."
                        Lady Gaga

"That which we 
do not bring 
to consciousness 
appears in our lives 
as fate. "
                   Carl Jung

"This thing of darkness
 I acknowledge 
mine. "


Make friends 
with your shadow 
Work Together.

Thanks, Friends
                             Warmly, cloudia

carries a shadow, 
and the less it is 
embodied in the 
individual's conscious life, 
the blacker 
and denser it is. . . 
thwarting our most 
well-meant intentions. "

 Carl Jung