Friday, July 14, 2023

The More I See The More I Do

A L O H A From Honolulu!

The power to stop all
evil is kindness.
The more evil I see,
the more good I do.
  Ukrainian Saying*

I love this streetscape in Honolulu's
Kalihi-Palama neighborhood
far from the tourists.
This little building is
pink like Tripler Military Hospital
and the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.
This was the town I drove
taxi in in the 1980's.
A very different town than today
with old folks who remembered WWII
in the Islands, and the plantation life.
I'm very lucky to have known
that 20th Century Honolulu!

Oncidium sphacelatum orchid
ranges from Mexico to
Central America and
southeastern Venezuela,
also known as the
ady Orchid or
Kandyan Dancer Orchid
in Sri Lanka.

Kandyan dance (Sinhala: උඩරට නැටුම්) encompasses various dance forms popular and native to the area called Kandy of the Central Hills region known as Udarata in Sri Lanka, which have today spread to other parts of the country. It is an example of Sinhalese culture in Sri Lanka.

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When those close to you
are less than their best,
respond from your patience.
Or things will go downhill fast.

See those close to you
as if they were
already perfect.
Then they will
steadily improve.


* Put space between yourself and evil
as you are able.
Confront not evil - Work Behind it's back!