Saturday, March 23, 2013

Animal Ounces

A  L  O  A  !
Golden Plover - Kolea in Hawaiian

You can have
 a Spirit Companion Animal
to teach you
life lessons,
 to be with you
guiding & protecting.

Indian  Myna

  Dream of your animal, 
see your companion
 out of the corner of your eye 
 as you fall asleep. . . . .

Red-crested Cardinal, Paroaria coronata,
synchronous appearances 
of an animal, 
their image, stories, words,
  will reveal your friend. 
Give it a name.
Speak to your
Spirit Animal.

 Appreciate your 
Animal Friend 
until it is most real to you.
 Even when you are at work, 
and your pet
at home,
under the couch, 
your pet is real,
alive, and
loving you. 

Spirit Animals 
are like that too. . . .

" Sometimes 
the heart sees 
what is invisible
 to the eye. "

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Your animal companion
is a representative
of an ancient companionable

 " An ounce of loyalty 
is worth
 a pound of 
cleverness. "

Elbert Green Hubbard


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