Thursday, October 15, 2015

Waiting Hard

A  L  O  H  A !

 " I have always, essentially, 
been waiting. 
Waiting to become 
something else, waiting
 to be that person 
I always thought
 I was on the verge of becoming, 
waiting for that life 
I thought I would have. . .

In my head, 
I was always 
one step away. 

In high school, 
I was biding my time 
until I could become 
the college version of myself, 
the one my mind could see so clearly. 
In college, the post-college 
“adult” person was 
always looming in front 
of me, smarter, stronger, 
more organized. 
Then the married person, 
then the person I’d become 
when we have kids. . .

" I love movies about 
“The Big Moment” – the game or
 the performance or 
the wedding day or 
the record deal,
 the stories that split time 
with that key event, and 
everything is reframed, 

" John Lennon once said, 
“Life is what happens 
when you’re busy 
making other plans.” 

The Big Moment, unfortunately, 
is an urban myth.

Life is a collection of 
a million, billion moments, 
tiny little moments and choices, 
like a handful of luminous, 
glowing pearls. It takes 
so much time, and 
so much work. . .

Linking to

"- But this is what I’m finding, 
in glimpses and flashes: 
this is it.. . .This is it. 
Normal, daily life ticking 
by on our streets and sidewalks, 
in our houses and apartments, 
in our beds and at our dinner tables, 
in our dreams and prayers 
and fights and secrets – 
this pedestrian life is 
the most precious thing 
any of use will ever experience.” 
                                 Shauna Niequist, 
                         Cold Tangerines: Celebrating the
                         Extraordinary Nature of Everyday Life

Thank YOU
for Waiting