Saturday, February 22, 2014

Google Timer

A    L    O    H    A  !
" Time
 is a game
 played beautifully
 by children. "


" The life of our city 
is rich in poetic and 
marvelous subjects. 
We are enveloped 
and steeped as though 
in an atmosphere of 
the marvelous; 
but we do not notice it. "

Charles Baudelaire

" Whenever
 two people meet,
 there are really
 six people present. 
There is each one 
as he sees himself, 
each as seen 
by the other person,
 and each one
 as he really is. "

       William James


Want to know 
when your tea is ready,
so you don't forget,
and leave the bag in 
for 30 minutes
like I do?

Just go to 
Type in:
 "Timer 3 minutes." 
(or your desired time)

That's it!  
Google will beep
when the time is reached!

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