Friday, March 9, 2012

Gorgeous Normal Waikiki

A  L  O  H  A !
It's FRIDAY- All Aphorisms MUST go- Make an OFFER
Photo Clicking Encouraged
BEST weather on the planet is BACK!

You needn't be exhausted
 to rest.

 In fact exhaustion
 with sleep and recovery

The SUN is a drug!

When working and visiting 
get up, wave your arms
and walk around the room
every 20 minutes - 

And the Skies EXHILARATE!   Fill your lungs with THAT!

Life is a gift!

But it's 
an   I O U
( "I owe you" )

Mountains! How can anyone be happy without mountains?

An ill-considered remark
can shake the very ground
of amity.

Is it WORTH it?

Every day is the first day of someone's vacation (holiday). 
 Feel the joy?

It's just the magic of Waikiki ! 

Routines of daily life:
so tiresome, repetitive,
and in the end:

                                 >< } } ( ° >

 >< } } ( ° >

Thank YOU so much
 for sharing your valuable time 
here with us!
Comments & simple "hellos" are appreciated-

                                                   Warmly, cloudia