Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rain Rain Tangerine

A     L     O     H     A   !

" People who learn
 to control inner experience 
will be able 
to determine 
the quality of their 
which is as close 
as any of us can come 
to being happy."

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 

"  Soft pity enters
 an iron gate. "

William Shakespeare

" Certain things catch your eye, 
But pursue only 
those that capture 

your heart. "

 Native American proverb


Rain Rain Tangerine
the world you paint
looks quite marine
as if the skies vent down their spleen
our eyes, our hearts are yearning
for sunshine Tangerine.

Honolulu's complaining
they all want rain to go
but I grew up back East
and know:
it may be gloomy
but be grateful it's 
not snow!

Diamond Head
covered with white
not green!
What a scene
O Tangerine.

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