Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hawaii Youth Rising

Ties-Downs and Trampolines

A L O H A !
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" Do not trouble yourself much
 to get new things,
 whether clothes or friends.... 
Sell your clothes
 and keep your thoughts.  "

Henry David Thoreau

" Golden slumbers kiss your eyes, 
Smiles awake you when you rise. 
Sleep, pretty wantons, 
do not cry, 
 And I will sing a lullaby.”

 Thomas Dekker 

" And even if you were in some
 the walls of which let none of the sounds
 of the world come to your senses - 
would you not then still have
 your childhood, 
that precious, kingly possession,
 that treasure-house 
of memories? "

  Rainer Maria Rilke

" Everything has been figured out, 
except how to live. "

" Evil is . . . the ability of humans

 to make abstract
 that which is concrete. "

Jean-Paul Sartre

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Life becomes SO much easier,
SO much more
when you LIKE
Other People.

there are homeless People,
and Families
who are on the street
through fate, bad luck,
bad breaks.

But for the most part,
homeless people
 have an inability
to get along with

Maybe they've been hurt,
strategically, deeply hurt.

Too many of us have been.

But what is different?

Why are we NOT
homeless and alone?

Perhaps it is as simple
as reaching out to another,
or allowing them
to reach us.

Once my world
was a harsh place,
people were annoying,

And life was exhausting.

But now, by some Grace,
I am among good people
every day.

Human nature
has not changed.

The world has not changed
but my world certainly has.

A social worker I knew
told me the story
of his homeless time.

One day as he begged,
a woman walking by
looked at him,
and said:
"You're a mess."

At that moment,
he realized
that he WAS
a mess.

He made the choice
to change it.

How is your world different
than it used to be?

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Thank You
                         Warmly, cloudia