Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hawaii Photo of the Day

A  L  O  H  A !

World's Best Weather

A  L  O  H  A !
Blooming Gorgeous Novato, Ca

"I hope you will go out 
and let stories happen to you,
 and that you will 
work them, water them 
with your blood and tears 
and laughter till they 
bloom, till you yourself 
burst into bloom."
                     Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Pixie and reflected palms, California

"By your own efforts
Waken yourself, 
watch yourself,
And live joyfully."

Orchid in  a front yard!

" The one who would be 
constant in happiness 
must frequently change."  


A certain weather man in Honolulu
regularly boasts of the 
"World's Best Weather"
and I nodded along for years.
Marin County California
has been sunny and Spring-Like
for about a week now.
I'm no longer so sure 
about that title.

Tomorrow more sun
temps low 70's F.
All with a beguiling
chill that rides the breeze
off the Pacific, just
like an island Trade-wind.

This place is taking me over,
just as Hawaii did.
Waikiki is an exciting
urban beach resort.
But the birds and sounds
of nature here
are a daily 
I am remembering
the smells of the seasons
here on the edge of
a continent.

People feel lucky,
special & happy to
be here too;
Bay Area Pride!
North Bay Pride!

Folks are nice,
but the boundaries
are firmer.
Harder to get a smile
here - people keep to
themselves politely.

Island people will
talk your ear off!
And you'll smile
with them easily
for the most part.

So I'm smiling up a storm,
bringing da Aloha,
playing music on my ocarina
while I wait
outside and about on
errands. Strangely,
my music is changing:
less island, more jazzy
blues Cloudia beats.

Treadmill has 
Changed My Life Too!
Right in the central part 
of the house - not 
hidden away.
We are using it daily.

I had forgotten how
GOOD I can feel!
I'm feeling
younger and fun-er,
lost some weight.

I know where I'm driving,
am developing places,
stories and memories.
(Stories: VERY important)

Like the time in Hawaii
riding with my motorcycle
gals, Sal gestures to me
riding along and
points at Joelle's Harley.
Flames are licking up
from the engine!

"Joelle," we shout,
"You Ass Is On FIRE!!!!"

Now THAT's a memory
to recall with a chuckle
drives on Nuuanu Avenue
in Honolulu!
I miss saying that,
even to myself,
while driving there.
"Joelle!" LOL...

Here it's: where I saw
that hawk, Or
the neighbor's new
(Remember the old flowers?
Yay a story!)

No one's ass is on fire
here YET-
and that's a good thing.

Stay posted for new
developments as they
pop up.
Thanks for visiting.
It means a lot.

Fondly, cloudia & pixie
'Cali Girls'
(No pixie, California
NOT Calico!)