Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Higher Than the Ocean

A  L  O  H  A !
A thousand disappointments 
in the past 
cannot equal the
 power of one 
positive action 
right now. 
Go ahead & go for it. "
                             Ralph Marston

Thank You!
             Fondly, cloudia

The Shadow of Your Hurry

A  L  O  H  A - Means I Welcome the Breath of LIFE You Bring!
The Shadow of Your Smile by Astrud Gilberto on Grooveshark
“ We who are so lucky 
as to be born into 
the light—
who see it every day 
and never think about it, 
we’re blessed. 
We could have been born
shadow souls 
who live and die 
in crimson darkness,” 
                          L. J. Smith

“ Being in a hurry. 
Getting to the next thing 
without fully entering 
the thing in front of me. 
I cannot think 
of a single advantage 
I've ever gained 
from being in a hurry. -

 " - But a thousand broken 
and missed things, 
tens of thousands, 
lie in the wake 
of all the rushing.... 

" -Through all that haste
 I thought 
I was making up
 time. -

"- It turns out
 I was throwing it away. ” 
            Ann Voskamp


Time shared with YOU-

preparing this post,
imagining if it will speak,
then reading YOUR comments

- Are among the BEST
moments in my day.

And our Days
ARE our Life.

Thank YOU, Companion.

                     Fondly, cloudia