Friday, June 15, 2012

History of Sales

A  L  H  A !
In the beginning
was pure barter,
sharing, clan.

The first salesmen
came along,
selling ideas;
Nothing else
needed selling.

" I am chief "
was an early favorite.

" Believe
in my gods."

Was closely related.

 One who is selling
 uses what works.

Any motivator
will do
if it succeeds.

" Convert or die "

 And any " Facts"
a salesman uses
are just that:
Being used,
just the way you like
to hear them;
Tilted just so. 

I'm tired of being 
pitched, sold, convinced,
by slant.

How about 
Y O U ? 

 So if Honesty sells,
what is it selling?

" Win - Win " 
" Sustainability "
in place of very few

 But the selling
and convincing
rolls, rolls along: 

" Up UP!
with those who fleece
and disrespect us,
 driving us to be wolves
at our neighbors door
and fools
at our own.

 And those with a heart,
a voice,
a talent to help?

Put the blame on THEM!
[Ask Socrates or Jesus]

While shysters laugh
behind golden doors
in their thinning,
(Yeah; I'm looking at YOU

Thanks for listening
to my rant.

We now return you to the world-as-it-is,
already in progress.

Your comments are like drugs to me,
help me out, Man!

                                      Warmly,  cloudia