Tuesday, May 15, 2012


A  L  O  H  A !
  "You can't get rid of evil. 
We can't,
 and I feel that so intensely.

 All the idiots
 that keep coming into the world
 and wrecking people's lives. 

And it is such an abundance
 of idiocy
 that you lose courage,
That you lose hope — 
I don't want to lose hope." 

 Maurice Sendak, 
 with Bill Moyers, 2004

“ There must be more
 to life 
than having 
everything ”

 Maurice Sendak


“`But the Emperor
 has nothing on
 at all!' 
said a little child.” 

 Hans Christian Andersen

" Children are tough,
 though we tend to think of them
 as fragile.
 They have to be tough.
 Childhood is not easy.

 We sentimentalize children,
 but they know
 what's real and what's not.
 They understand metaphor
 and symbol.
 If children are different from us, 
they are more spontaneous.

 Grown-up lives have become 
overlaid with dross. "

 Maurice Sendak, 
The New York Times, 1987


    "And it is through fantasy 
that children achieve catharsis. 

It is the best means they have
 for taming wild things." 

Upon receiving the Caldecott Medal 

" Where words fail, 
music speaks.  "

Hans Christian Andersen

" Life itself
 is the most wonderful 
fairy tale. "

Hans Christian Andersen

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Hope YOUr day
is full of happy
music & magic!

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