Friday, September 3, 2021

Simple Joy is Beyond Compare

A L O H A From Honolulu!

In one of his letters, Seneca
remarks that he began his journey
already shipwrecked. Meaning he
was traveling exceedingly light,
such as one might be equipped
after escaping from a
sinking ship with only
necessities quickly grabbed.

Giant Tumble

We are all traveling light now,
some near -- some far
but traveling we are
from the old times
to the new world.


Orchid Rumble

Simple pleasures still apply.
Ride light in the saddle.
Trust that predawn
of the sky.

Cloud Reflection for your inspection
A little stream came tumbling
from the height, And struggling
into ocean as it might.
Its bounding crystal frolick'd
in the ray, And gush'd from
cliff to crag with saltless spray.
     Lord Byron


Cassia Blossoms on the Rack

The golden moments in 
the stream of life rush past us,
and we see nothing but sand;
the angels come to visit us,
and we only know them
when they are gone.
   George Eliot

My Domestic Maniac

I loved you dearly, Stone Fish Lake,
With your rock-island shaped like a swimming fish!
On the fish’s back is the Wine-cup Hollow
And round the fish,—the flowing waters of the Lake.
The boys on the shore sent little wooden ships,
Each made to carry a single cup of wine.
The island-drinkers emptied the liquor-boats
And set their sails and sent them back for more.
On the shores of the Lake were jutting slabs of rock
And under the rocks there flowed an icy stream.
Heated with wine, to rinse our mouths and hands
In those cold waters was a joy beyond compare!
By YΓΌan Chieh [Circa a.d. 740-770;
Underappreciated contemporary of Li Po]

Love You,
Pixie & Cloudia