Friday, November 7, 2014

Wandering Pondering

A  L  O  H  A !

"-  perhaps the most persistent call 
is to love one another 
with compassion 
and open arms, 
even and especially 
when we find ourselves 
face to face 
with people we 
don't understand." 
               Matthew Myer Boulton

Thank YOU
For Wandering,
Here With Us!
             Warmly, cloudia     

Quiet World Moments

A L O H A !
“The enlightened give thanks 
for what most people 
take for granted…. 

As you begin to be grateful 
for what most people take for 

- the vibration 
of gratitude
 makes you more 
receptive to good 
in your life.” 
           Michael Bernard Beckwith

“There comes a time
 in every life 
when the world gets 
and the only thing
 is your heart.” 
                             Sarah Dessen

" I am never
 bored anywhere: 
being bored is
 an insult to 
oneself. "
                      Jules Renard


Thank YOU
For Visiting!
              Warmly, cloudia

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