Monday, October 18, 2021

Not Stiff or Brat

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Be like a palm tree by
the ocean that endures
the greatest winds
because it knows how
to gracefully bend.
Stephen Kendrick


"The Taoist model
spiritual life
after a plant.
A living plant is
tender and pliant,
while a dead plant is
stiff and hard;

One who is with the Tao is
also tender and pliant,
while one who departs from
the Tao is stiff and hard.
The plant kingdom
is a quiet kingdom
that sleeps in beauty;

Taoist quietude is the spiritual
condition for regeneration.
A plant grows at its own pace.
The Taoist allows events to
unfold according to their
inner rhythms; (s)he acts by
non-action (wu-wei), which
is acting with, not against,
the inner rhythms of things.
A plant is always
renewing itself;
the Taoist celebrates
perpetual childhood."
-  Ellen M. Chen, 
The Tao Te Ching:
A New Translation
with Commentary, 1989

What does it mean if someone is a stiff?
When a person is stiff, they are
artificial and unrelaxed — 
unless they're "scared stiff"
or "bored stiff."
A regular guy is
a working stiff.
Another colloquial meaning of stiff is
"to underpay, or to cheat.”
Also, a stiff drink has a lot of alcohol.
A dead body is sometimes
called a stiff, but it's rude.
stiff - Dictionary Definition :

The most sophisticated
people I know -
inside they are
all children. Jim Henson

Love You,
      Pixie & Cloudia