Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Do You Know Me?

A  L  O  H  A !

" You'll never find 
peace of mind until 
you listen 
to your heart. "
                       George Michael

" To know 
what you prefer, 
instead of humbly 
saying "Amen" to 
what the world tells you 
you ought to prefer, 
is to keep your soul alive. "
                               Robert Louis Stevenson

" Let your heart guide you.  
It whispers, so 
listen carefully. "
                     Littlefoot's mother, 
                                   Land Before Time


What are the chains,
the roots, that bind us
to a place?

Where do the locals eat?
Do you have a
friend in the business?

Knowing where to go
and being known are 
a big part of belonging.
No one wants to be
the country mouse
in town for the first time.

Tell them I sent you,
mention my name.

It boils down, one way
or another to
We feel safe
when we know how
to get things done!

I gave away all that,
gave away technicolor
sunsets. . . . .
For something. . . .

Sometimes it feels
profoundly challenging.
I mean: who the heck
am I if I'm not
that Hawaii girl?

Today, I am going across
the magic portal
into the storied city:
San Francisco.

One thing I do know:
Walking in Chinatown
always grounds 
and heals me. Must
be all those lifetimes
lived in China.

I promise to snap
some photos!

Thank YOU!
Warmly, cloudia