Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Memory, Movies

A   L   O   H   A   !

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 " There's no fence 
nor hedge
 around time that is
You can go back 
and have 
what you like
 of it,
 if you can 
remember. "

 “ I find
 that the further I go
the better
 things were,
 whether they
 or not.”

 Mark Twain

 “Strangely enough,
 this is the past
 that somebody
 in the future
 is longing
 to go back to”

 Ashleigh Brilliant 

“ I can't go back
 to yesterday -
 because I was
 a different person
 then ”

 Lewis Carroll

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Just as music does,
or a book we once loved,
movies take us
back in time
to the person we were
when we met them.

I just watched
'The Bird Man Of Alcatraz'
with Burt Lancaster.

Saw it in the theater.
Back then, when choosing,
a film, one might ask:
"Is it color, or black & white?"

This film is black and white.

The film is also 50 years old!

[ Cue up the 
'flashback memory music' ]

We went to the movies
all the time when I was young.
Dad had been a projectionist
in WWII.
Other dads flew bombers,
mine showed movies.

Seeing a scene
that I saw,
when younger than 10,
the 'Me' of today
watched the 'Me'
I was back then.

What would I tell
that child,
now that I am
both at once, 
all through the
 magic of film?

I remember the car
we had then,
the smell of the rain
riding home in the dark.

Dad was young & strong,
loved & feared,
but riding with him
felt safe
from the mysterious
big wild world
out there.

Watching movies
with dead people:

Dad and child-me.

How can 50 years
 take so long,
yet pass so fast?

Back then I yearned,
and wondered; 

Today I have memories
and know.

Yearning is turning
seasons change,
as I look back
 with tears
that are sweeter
than laughter.

Know what I mean?
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