Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year's Final Day

A L O H A !

September Song by Willie Nelson on Grooveshark

" Be at war with your vices,
at peace with your neighbors,
and let every new year
find you a better person. "

Benjamin Franklin

" Celebrate
what you want
to see more of. "

Tom Peters

" No one is so old
as to think
he cannot live
one more year. "

David Viscott

 > < } } ( ° >

Youth has an inexhaustible treasure
called "Some Day."

Every yearning,
every grievance,
every wish,
may be salved 
by a generous dose
of "Some Day."

I know.
I lived on it for years.

But one day
you ask yourself:
"What am I saving it for?"
"What am I waiting for?"
"If not now-

And from that plateau,
you think:
"Finally, this is perspective,
this is wisdom."

But a day comes 
when you see
how quickly
things are moving.

I'm no longer the fastest walker
on the sidewalk.

The lyric and words
of a song you've know for years
suddenly stick in your chest
like a flaming arrow:

"The days dwindle down
to a precious few. . ."

True as it's ever been
for ALL others,
but not for

But the bell does toll for me
yes it does.

Sometimes that awful understanding
makes me feel faint,
like I can't catch my

And though I believe
that I have glimpsed
that expansive place,
that happy place,
of coming home
to who I

I love this body,
this history,
this person
that fate & choice
have made

Thank YOU
for sharing this journey with me
throughout the

It means a lot.

Honolulu journalist
John Heckathorn
said of teaching at University:

"One of my students
came to class,
opened his Mac Book,
saw that Steve Jobs had died,
and asked:
'Who is Steve Jobs?'
It's odd to be turned into
a living history lesson,
but rather fun
in it's own way. "

John never gave me any writing jobs,
but he encouraged me,

a thoroughly nice guy.

I noticed this morning
that I have his office
and cell (mobile) numbers
in my phone.

John suffered a heart attack at home
on Christmas Day.

He never regained consciousness
and died Wednesday morning.

John was only

The days dwindle down. . .

I choose to spread
all the kindness I can.
To enjoy every minute of

Thank YOU
for shedding your kindness
with us!

It does;
It means a 

                                             Fondly, cloudia