Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blogger Ate My Work

A L O H A!

Welcome Back to Virtual Hawaii

" A problem well put
is half solved. "

John Dewey

" There is a bit of insanity in dancing
that does everybody a great deal of good. "

Edwin Denby

This morning while most of you slept,
Blogger decided to misbehave again.

I think I was working on today's post
when it just stopped functioning!
(Hawaiian Standard Time is 6 hours behind
New York in Daylight Savings [Summer] Time).

What a strange sensation to be told 
"ERROR 404"
that Blogger does not exist!

There is a site:
that will tell you, well,
just that.

Most frustrating of all,
I couldn't comment on YOUR posts!

So: I was there! I loved your post!

Ah Summer;

Even Blogger is lazy !

" The only thing I knew how to do 
Was to keep on keepin' on 
like a bird that flew. "


Comment please?  Warmly, cloudia