Thursday, April 17, 2014

Good Fences Honolulu

A   L   O   H   A  !

" There are joys which long to be 
God sends ten thousands truths, 
come about us
 like birds 
seeking inlet; 
but we are shut up to them,
 and so 
they bring us nothing, 
but sit and sing 
awhile upon the roof, 
and then fly away. "

 Henry Ward Beecher


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Look Closer

A L O H A !
Something Is In There

“ Our growth depends not 
on how many experiences 
we devour, but 
on how many 
we digest. ”

 Ralph W. Sockman


" Instead of me having 
a breakdown,
 I'm focusing on 
 having a 
breakthrough. "

Terrell Owens

“ Sometimes 
we focus so much 
on what we don't have
 that we fail to 
see, appreciate, 
and use 
what we do have! ” 

 Jeff Dixon

“ It's as if 
when I open myself up 
to every perception, 
things create their own 
focus. ” 

 Kristin Cashore, 

Handsome Fellow

“  It's your decisions 
about what to focus on,
 what things mean to you, 
and what you're going to 
do about them 
that will determine 
your ultimate destiny.”

 Anthony Robbins 


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