Saturday, August 17, 2013

See "The Butler"

A  L  O  H  A !
A film may be entertaining,

But it is only the next day,
and the next,
that you know:
"This is a great film."

The Butler
is such a film.

I saw it yesterday.

In a manner of speaking
I am an extra in the film.

Every American
who lived
 through those times,

If you want to remember,
gain perspective,
or understand
who we are
and how we got here:
Go See
 "The Butler."

The "Negro domestics"
that my husband and I both
knew in our homes
educated us,
raised us,
made us 
who we are.

Mine were ladies
who rode that long bus
out to the suburbs
to clean our house
one day a week.

They taught me
that life was not fair
 to all,
that there is great 
in work
and in how you 
carry yourself.

I knew that their
did not enjoy
what I had,
what I could do;
their future
was circumscribed
as mine was not.

Kids know:

My husband
had practically
a second mother
who loved him,
scolded him,
and helped to give him
the heart that I love.
We speak of her often.

When I was little,
I couldn't fathom
the courage




When I was a little older,
Dr. King was shot
and my city burned.

Dad, uncle, others,
who worked in the neighborhoods
stayed home
for days

Some of them
lost businesses.

So much of this film
was a trip through my own times
and life.

It was a powerful experience.

Watching the film trailer below
got me emotional again.

At a time
when voting rights
are under attack
in this country
we need to remember
the aged warriors
who already laid their lives
on the line.

We're not there yet.

But someday,
We're gonna get there.


Take a young person to see
The Butler
and discuss it with them.

Share your life,
your wisdom.

Fondly, cloudia

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A  L  O  H  A !
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" During  periods of 


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- the intuitive mind

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- and can produce

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 which give so much

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Fritjof Capra

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