Saturday, January 25, 2020

新年快乐 Lunar New Year in Honolulu

Gong Zee Fah Tsai!
Bang! Crash! 
Chase away your blues!
We're done with all that.
Welcome the clever Rat
who can accomplish
great things!

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Hope smiles from the threshold 
of the year to come, Whispering 
'it will be happier.'
Alfred Lord Tennyson

Lunar New Year
is not celebrated only
in a discreet district, or
Honolulu's ChinaTown. 

Lions & firecrackers
- even hundred-foot golden dragon-
will be heard and seen EVERYWHERE
in coming days:
Malls, shopping centers, banks
businesses, schools, homes. . .

January 25th 2020
Lunar New Year

 Wonder & Memories

All events MUST have a 
Clipboard Guy!

 Grab your earplugs,
and a dollar or three to feed
the lions. Then your good luck
in the new year
will be assured!

 Blessing First Hawaiian Bank Branch

Be sure to visit the temples
and receive a New Year Blessing
at the Shinto Shrine.

Are Chinese Dancing Lions
"Critters?" YES!

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Saturday Critters

Loving You,
Wishing You All
The Best!

Be sure your volume is 4 not 10!