Saturday, October 15, 2011

Float Like the Clouds on Air Do


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" I have stretched ropes
from steeple to steeple;
garlands from window to window;
golden chains from star to star,
 and I dance. "

Arthur Rimbaud

“ He who kisses joy as it flies by
will live in eternity's sunrise. ”

 William Blake

" When you find peace within yourself,
you become the kind of person 
who can live at peace with others. "

 Peace Pilgrim


When Thomas Jefferson designed the campus for the University of Virginia
he was an educated amateur who understood the proportions and 
principles of classic architecture, as a glance at his library
(the kernal of the US Library of Congress) shows.

One example of his wisdom was that he DID NOT lay out
the paths between and among his buildings.
Rather, he allowed the wisdom of crowds,
by pedestrian consensus,
to find the best paths.
Only after the flow of walkers was written in mud
were the paths paved and landscaping completed.

Though I am living only a "New York Block" or two
from where we were moored for 20 years,
it is 35 floors up, and a culture-shock away
from the life I have long been living.

On my morning walk, as well as inside the apartment,
I am discovering new paths and habits.

Kitty is doing the same:
nights at the foot of the bed,
morning crazy time,
then reflective hours back on the bed,
in the sunlight,
followed by
 hours of contemplation under the bed,
till afternoon treat time
and evening festivities.

One happy discovery I've made
is that my MoJo is BACK!
Being able to shower, choose clothes,
toilette and dress in climate controlled comfort
has made me feel, well,
like a girl again!

My looks are changing. . . 

And it's not just the weight I'm losing in the face.
I feel graceful, and LIKE what I see in the mirror,
and the mirrors of daily faces
(yes, including me husband's).

I think I'm gonna subtract a few more
"lie years" from my age!

And though I'm too refined to discuss libido,
let's just say I have remembered the word!

Who knew that living in a hot, packing crate
(read: 'boat')
could cramp one's style?

Thanks SO much for visiting today!
What life-habits do you think might be holding YOU back?
Tell us in comments.  Warmly, cloudia