Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Forgotten Treasure

A L O H A !

" Imagination 
is the real and eternal world 
of which this vegetable universe
is but a faint shadow.  "

William Blake

" One thought fills immensity.  "

William Blake

" He whose face gives no light,
shall never become a star. "
William Blake

" If a thing loves, it is infinite. "

William Blake

 > < } } ( ° >

What treasure 
have you forgotten about?

It's most likely hiding
in plain sight.

Something, or someone,
that once meant
the world to you-

in fact, discovering them
was like discovering
a whole
new world.

and wealth
are more than 
just finances.
What makes 
your life

What is your
Tell us in comments!

Your visit here
is a treasure
to me.

Thank YOU!

                      Warmly, cloudia