Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wake Up

A  L  O  H  A !
  It's a Beautiful Morning by The Rascals on Grooveshark
 Morning Light
 is going


The sky shows off

sorts itself out

Fields Find their Finery

Oh see what has 

New Debuts!

Oh DO get up!

No telling
await us!

it will be
Hot Enough
Fry an Egg
or Three!

(Careful Spider Man)

 What will I find
at YOUR 

Can't Wait
to see!

                             Warmly, cloudia

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Visit to a Hawaiian Temple

A L O H A !
Click on the pictures
 " Texture,
not volume,
is the key
to the
wondrous. "

Anthony Lane


" Not what we have
 but what we enjoy, 
constitutes our 
abundance. "


 Look Who's Back!

" You are not a beggar
 at the table of life. 
You are the
honored guest."


 is a succession of
To live each one
 is to succeed." 

Corita Kent

  > < } } (°>

This time of year
is made for 

To simply
live each moment
seems sufficient.

just ask my

I have no patience
for politics
or planning-


You too

Well let's 
go somewhere
we've never
seen before:

Thanks for playing with us today!
                                        Warmly, cloudia


Tuesday, May 29, 2012


           A  L  O  H  A !

 The flute of the infinite
 is played without ceasing
 and its sound is love. 


" More grows in the garden
 than the gardener knows 
he has sown. "

Spanish Proverb

" Everyone 
is kneaded out of the same dough 
but not 
in the same oven. "

Yiddish Proverb

" When we discover
 that the truth is already in us, 
we are all at once 
our original selves. "


 > < } } (°>

Thank YOU

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                         Your friend cloudia

Monday, May 28, 2012

WON in Viet Nam

A  L  O  H  A !
Taps by U.S. Army Bands on Grooveshark

"Day is done,
gone the sun,
from the lakes
from the hills
from the sky,
all is well,
safely, rest,
God is near.

 Fading light,
Dims the sight,
 And a star gems the sky
 Gleaming bright,
 From afar,
Drawing, near,
Falls the night.

Thanks and praise,
For our days,
Neath the sun
 Neath the stars
 Neath the sky,
As we go,
This, we, know,
God is near."

According to Wikipedia
"The term ['TAPS'] originates from the Dutch term taptoe, meaning "close the (beer) taps (and send the troops back to camp)". "Military tattoo" comes from the same origin. "

What did the US win
in Viet Nam?

We  allowed the confusion 
and dissension of that war 
to color
the way we treated
the veterans.

Viet Nam vets
paid the price of war,
then paid again
here at home.

One thing we 
as a nation
took from that
is this lesson:
" Appreciate the Warriors
and their Families."

They do not start wars,
they do not make the policies.
They do what is asked of them
unto death.

For this
we say
"Thank You."

This day-
Every Day.

We honor all those
who put a higher purpose
above their own

         Sincerely, cloudia

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Regional Greetings

A  L  O  H   A ! 
Ahalan , Nei Ho Dobrý den / Ahoj,  Goddag, oede dag, Hallo, Saluton, Hei, Bonjour Guten Tag, Gia'sou, Shalom, Namaste, Jó napot, Góðan daginn, Aksunai / Qanuipit? Dia dhuit, Salve / Ciao, Kon-nichiwa,  An-nyong Ha-se-yo, Salve / Salvëte, Ni hao, Dzien' dobry, Olá ! Bunã ziua,
Zdravstvuyte, Jambo / Hujambo, Hej, Sa-wat-dee
Merhaba / Selam, Vitayu, Xin chào Hylo; 

Sut Mae? Sholem Aleychem
" How glorious a greeting
 the sun gives the mountains!  "

John Muir

 “Care more for the individual patient
 than for the special features of the disease. . . . 
Put yourself in his place . . . 
The kindly word, the cheerful greeting, 
the sympathetic look -- 
these the patient understands.”

 William Osler

" Don't
 tell your friends
 about your indigestion. 
' How are you '
is a greeting, 
not a question.  "

Arthur Guiterman

 oooo! Click on This One!
" Parting
 is such a sweet sorrow 
that I shall say
till it be morrow. "


Nobody says "Hello."
Back in New York,
it was "How ya doin`?"
Which is nice for me
because in Hawaii
it is informally common to say:
(How is it?)
or "Howzit, Brah?"
(Brother, Sistah, Auntie, Uncle)

Easy to guess my vintage
(I'm done fooling myself,
about that at least)
because I call everyone
like a beatnik from the 
early Sixties.

"Dude" seems too much
like "trying."

"Aloha" is always nice,
and always acceptable
anywhere in Hawaii,
but one seems to hear it
less and less.
Like it's mostly for the visitors
to feel like they
someplace different.

Native Hawaiians 
say Aloha to
one another.

or the nod,
or especially
the eye-contact
All popular
with me.

Aloha kakahiaka     Good morning
Aloha awakea     Good mid-day (10 am - 2 pm)
Aloha `auinala     Good late afternoon (after mid-day)
Aloha ahiahi     Good evening (around sunset)
Aloha auinapo     Good late night (after midnight)
Aloha po     Good night
Aloha ahiahi ia oukou     Good evening to all of you (plural)


So what is the greeting
where YOU

Tell us in 'comments'

                      Warmly, cloudia

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Magic Bird

A  L  O  H  A !

 The camera-
like our eye
and our memory-
does not strictly
it interprets.

The Sun
may not be looked upon.

the camera shows us

 Zooming in,
and pushing the 

Something emerges
from the 
that represents
the Sun.

Let us look closer:

A magic,
like an

A Dove
the emblem of 

I think it looks
like Honolulu's official bird
the Manu O Ku

Courtesy: Monte Costa,  HERE

“ Don't believe 
what your eyes are telling you.
All they show
 is limitation.
Look with your 
find out
what you already 
and you'll see
 the way
to fly. ”

 Richard Bach

Thank YOU!

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Warmly, cloudia

Friday, May 25, 2012

How We Get Over

A  L  O  H  A !
How I Got Over by Aretha Franklin on Grooveshark

 Your personal challenges
have taught you

 - but they
are NOT
your identity-

& shortcomings
say nothing

It is what
do next
that really
tells the tale;

 All about 
who you
really are.

 " Finish each day and be done with it.

 You have done what you could; 

some blunders and absurdities have crept in; 

forget them as soon as you can. 

Tomorrow is a new day; 

you shall begin it serenely 

and with too high a spirit 

to be encumbered 

with your old

 nonsense. "


  > < } } (°>

Thank YOU
for swimming along
with us
a while.

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            Warmly, cloudia

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blog Cafe

                  A  L  O  H  A !

" People trample over flowers,
yet only to embrace
a cactus. "

James Joyce

“ Trout, incidentally,
 had written a book
 about a money tree. 
It had
 twenty-dollar bills 
for leaves.”

  Kurt Vonnegut

  ''What is your fortune,
 my pretty maid?'' 
 ''My face 
is my fortune, Sir,'' 
she said."

Nursery Rhyme

" Joy
is the simplest
 form of 
gratitude. "

Karl Barth

" Life
 is 10 percent
 what you make it, 

- and 90 percent
how you
take it. "

Irving Berlin

" I have always loved
 to sit in ferry and railroad stations
 and watch the people,
 to walk on crowded streets,
 just walk along among the people,
 and see their faces, 
to be among people - "

Ella R. Bloor

" Let everyone sweep
before their own door,
and the whole world
will be clean. "


" The winds of grace 
are always blowing, 
but it is you 
that must
 raise your sails. "

Rabindranath Tagore


 You and I,
we know our blogs
are rather small fish
on the

But think of this:
a restaurant
that served
100 meals
a day
would be a
raging success!

for having
a cup
of words
and pictures here.

Don't forget
to 'tip'
your server
with a 

                          Warmly, cloudia