Sunday, January 6, 2013

What Awesome REALLY Means

 is an over-used term.  But THIS is

I trust you will agree!

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Ear Worm

A L O H A !

  Swinging Safari by Bert Kaempfert on Grooveshark
You WANT to click on that arrow above.
Or DO you?
There is a sound
in my inner ear.
It's lingered there
since the 1960s.

As a musician,
a player of flutes,
I think it means something
that it echoes
down the hallways
of my brain and

I hunted for the sound
in recent years.
Google searches,
Sixties radio promos.
Nada- Zilch-

Last Christmas
I heard a hint of it
on our local cable TV
But I missed the 

You already knew that,
didn't you?

But this past year,
from November (!)
I glued myself
to the Holiday Music Channel.

I enjoy holiday music,
but this was MORE!

This was 
D E T E R  M I N A T I O N !

Then, a little bird,
a familiar note
what I was looking for
Whispered a name:

" Bert Kaempfert "

Now my European
friends of a 
certain age :)
are smiling.

A little research
on You Tube
and Grooveshark
and the quarry
of a years-long
was mine!

That song you 
so cavalierly 
passed over at top,

" Swinging Safari "

is the Great

E A R  W O R M !

I'v listened to it over,
and over.
Perhaps you will
But one listen
and it will probably
infect your 
Mind's Ear.

So you've been
but it's a 
pleasurable infection.

And who knows?
You may begin
to play the flute
for sheer joy - 
bringing countless
decades of years
of pleasure,
Ear Worms
to others!

         Fondly, cloudia

Bert Kaempfert 

(born Berthold Kämpfert; 16 October 

1923 – 21 June 1980)