Friday, March 1, 2013

Language Discovered

A  L  O  H  A !
I Speak Pidgin by Frank DeLima on Grooveshark

Here in Hawaii,
all the newcomers
and the Hawaiians
developed a unique language
for working class communication
Hawaii Creole English, HCE,

We call it Pidgin.

I will never speak like a native speaker

of Pidgin, but I (mostly) understand

and use Pidgin proudly.

If you read my book

(see the top of this page,

there on the right)

you already know Pidgin.



that Hawaii's Deaf 

also developed their own

unique and practical 

Hawaii Sign Language


Older members of Hawaii's

Deaf community

recently brought this language

to the attention of the Linguistics

Department at University Of Hawaii

who consider this a true, unique language

that will now be documented

before it disappears.

This is the biggest discovery

in the linguistics community in

Some Time!

Headlines include:

""Nearly lost language discovered in Hawai'i "

Check it out,
and to hear Hawaiian Pidgin
listen to the family in the brief video:

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Eyes of the World

A  L  O  H  A !
"All the world's a stage -

and most of us 
are desperately unrehearsed."
Sean O'Casey

" True progress quietly 
and persistently
 moves along
 without notice. "

Saint Francis de Sales 

All my life
 I have tried to pluck 
a thistle 
and plant a flower
 wherever the flower 
would grow
 in thought and mind."

Abraham Lincoln 


A billion cameras
carried by people
like you and me;

except in our 
of blogging.

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Hawaii, Australia,
New York City,
KL, Louisiana,
and the land
of scholars.

Nerve endings
of an increasingly
self - aware

A Billion citizen
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dear friends.

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