Monday, January 16, 2012

Honolulu in the Winter

A  L  O  H  A  !

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Leeward Oahu Winter Morning Sky
Lots of you have been showing 
pictures of winter, beautiful pictures,
and eloquently describing
what winter means to YOU.
Most folks think that we do not enjoy
here in the Hawaiian Isles
but we do. 
For example, we awoke feeling chilly
the other morning. The coldest morning
of the winter led the a.m. news:

This isn't a joke. I'm not
teasing you.
Sixty F
with dry air, feels "warm"
when you step off the plane
from cooler climes.
But we are used to
moister, more, gentle temps.
So it feels to us
like winter!
We wear our

Weather-Guy Paul 
is showing us to wear
long sleeves today!

Shooting the TV (With a CAMERA!!!)
isn't the best, but I got this cool image below.
When watching TV, we do not "see"
what our eye registers.
Our brain always processes everything,
so we don't 
"see" the lines and transitions 
that the camera,
and our eye,
DO register.

It's all a matter of perspective.
Like EVERYTHING in life!

  Remember that.
It is why
"Walking  a mile in another shoes"
is so humbling and enlightening. 

My Grandmother used to say:
"If everyone in the neighborhood
put all their problems on the front porch
we'd all be glad
to go home with
our own."

How right she was!

But let's try to remember,
the brother or sister
wearing uncomfortable shoes,
and what it must be like
to walk in them
every day.

Warmly, cloudia
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