Wednesday, July 4, 2012

USA Independence Day

L  I  B  E  R  T  Y
The Stars and Stripes Forever by US Army on Grooveshark

After the final session
 of the Constitutional Convention
 of 1787,
 Dr. James McHenry,
 one of Maryland’s delegates,
overheard a lady
 ask exiting delegate 
Benjamin Franklin:

 “Well, Doctor,
 what have we got—
a Republic 
or a Monarchy?”

  He answered:
“ A Republic, 
if you can keep it. ”

" Behind the ostensible government
 sits enthroned 
an invisible government
 owing no allegiance
 and acknowledging 
no responsibility 
to the people.  "

Theodore Roosevelt
USA President

" The government is us; 
we are the government, 
you and I.  "

Theodore Roosevelt

The Struggle continues. . . .

Thank YOU!

                                Warmly, cloudia