Saturday, December 20, 2014

Welcome Home Barack!!

Air Force 1 from a previous visit

Aloha from the temporary
power spot of the world!
The Obamas landed late last night.

Our normally busy skies
were still in hushed expectation.
[flight restrictions]
Then a lone light over the Pacific,
and the sweep around
to Joint Base
Pearl Harbor/Hickam.
No ceremony last night.Just a tired family

to get to bed!
[ We got to see them on local TV ]
The girls looked tired
and relaxed;

The First Lady waited
patiently in another car
while the President
talked at length
with an admiral.

The two First Dogs
were clearly eager
for the patch of lawn
they pulled their human
over to.
[Yes, cameras panned
away when...]

10 minutes over the spine of

Oahu, over temporarily
closed highways,
with police escort.

Don't you wish YOU
could get home from
a long flight so fast?

We are used to it,
especially the Kailua neighbors
who say that the Secret Service
people are very considerate.

I have it on good authority
from someone vetted
out the yin-yang
to provide services
to the President
while here,
that there are 
lots of new, young,
eager Secret Service agents
this year.


It's a SECRET!

I bet the President 
worked out today
at Kaneohe Marine Base,
or played golf.

Good for him!
He looked strong
at yesterday's press conference
where he called on women
reporters only,
raising something of a fuss
among the Talk-er-ati.

Michelle enjoys a restaurant
practically under my window.
[2 visits last year]
Let's see if they return!

More gossip later!

For now,
here is a photo
of  the parking lot
at Ala Moana Shopping Center
two nights ago
at 10pm:
Click on the cars to see the jollity!

Thank You 
for looking in!
         Warmly, cloudia

feels like a let-down when they leave. . . . . 

Ship and Shadows

A  L  O  H  A !
" What is any ocean 
but a multitude 
of drops? "
                David Mitchell

Got My Eye On You
" Shadows of fear intrude
when we step out of the light
that feels so good, feels so right.
It's not a struggle; Just a snuggle.
That gentle attitude. "

Linking with Eileen's

Kissed By Light

" Find someone 
who doesn't need
 your words to know 
it’s time 
to kiss you. "
                   Clairabelle Ann


Saturday Before Christmas!
Have a lovely, magical day
                  Fondly, cloudia