Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bradbury- Remember the Future

A  L  O  H  A !

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The Miracle of Light While flying
Gerardo Dottori 1931

" Don't think.
 Thinking is the enemy of creativity.
 It's self-conscious, 
and anything self-conscious 
is lousy. 
You can't try to do things. 
You simply must do things.  "

Ray Bradbury

 Mechanix Illustrated 1955

 " Every morning I jump out of bed
 and step on a landmine. 
The landmine is me.
After the explosion,
 I spent the rest of the day 
putting the pieces
 together.  "

Ray Bradbury

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 The City of 1950
as envisioned in 1925
Popular Science Monthly

" I have never listened
 to anyone who criticized 
my taste in space travel,
 sideshows or gorillas. 
When this occurs,
 I pack up my dinosaurs 
and leave the room .”

  Ray Bradbury

" If we listened to our intellect,
 we'd never have a love affair. 
We'd never have a friendship. 
We'd never go into business, 
because we'd be cynical. 
Well, that's nonsense. 
You've got to jump off cliffs 
all the time
 and build your wings 
on the way down.  "

Ray Bradbury

The Year 2000
as viewed ca 1900

 “Stuff your eyes with wonder,
 live as if you'd drop dead in ten seconds.
 See the world. 
It's more fantastic
 than any dream
 made or paid for 
in factories.”

Ray Bradbury 


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Remember the future?
I used to live there.
Old stuff
was being cleared;
we called it
urban renewal.

The future was shiny
and right around
the corner.

The 1964 Worlds Fair
gave us the 'look'
just as the old Expositions had
one hundred years

Space beckoned,
heck, we were going there!

would be
the biggest problem;

Flying cars
never crash.

even death
made extinct!

It was just
a matter of time.
Though I remember
WHAT the average household
would EVER do
with a computer!

but today I live 
a lot in the

The future back then
looked better
than the one
that looms.

Perhaps all 
"grown ups"
feel that way.

Thank you Ray Bradbury
for taking me to Mars,
for making me think
of which great book
I'd save from the fire
in my mind.

Thanks Uncle Ray!

But the future
is not yours
and mine-
it belongs
to the children
imagining it now
and will look like
you and I
can dream.

I wish them

Thanks for YOUR visit!

                                     Warmly, cloudia
 “Some people turn sad awfully young.
 No special reason, it seems,
 but they seem almost to be born that way. 
They bruise easier, tire faster, cry quicker,
 remember longer and,
 as I say, get sadder younger 
than anyone else in the world.
 I know, for I'm one of them.”

― Ray Bradbury,
Dandelion Wine