Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Honorable Compact

 A   L   O   H   A  !

Tell me and I’ll forget.

Involve me, 

and I’ll understand.

Native American Insight

We do not want riches, 

but we do want to 

train our children right. 

Riches would do us no good. 

We could not take them 

with us to the other world. 

We do not want riches. 

We want peace and love. 

      Red Cloud, Makhpiya-luta

Everyone might act different 

from what was considered right 

did he choose to do so, but 

such acts would bring upon him 

the censure of the Nation…. 

This fear of the Nation’s censure 

acted as a mighty band, 

binding all in one social, 

honorable compact.

Tecumseh Shawnee

When you were born, 

you cried, and the 

world rejoiced. 

Live your life so that when 

you die, the world cries 

and you rejoice.


Our first teacher is 

our own heart.



Love You,

                 Cloudia & Pixie

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