Monday, February 14, 2022

Events Always Current

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Better keep yourself
clean and bright;
you are the window
through which you
must see the world.
         George Bernard Shaw

Life is a partly a
poignant business;
If you have a heart.

But I don't believe
in being armoured*

Choosing empathy
or it's lack decides
who we really are.

I can't help everyone.
I can't educate everyone
but I can care about them.

We are told to laugh
with those who laugh,
and to mourn with
those who mourn.

What does this mean
but to have a heart,
 to CARE!

[I like the tiny photographer in this picture]

Events are always current.
Don't let the temporary
cause you to miss
the enduring!

The ideals 
which have lighted my way, 
and time after time 
have given me new courage 
to face life cheerfully, 
have been Kindness, 
Beauty, and Truth.
                         Albert Einstein

Love You,

* ar·mor /ˈärmər/ past tense: armoured; past participle: armoured provide (someone) with emotional, social, or other defenses. "the knowledge armored him against her" Definitions from Oxford Languages