Thursday, March 8, 2012

All Hawaii Celebrates!

The Great Voyaging Canoe
 that Hawaiians first sailed to pride and knowledge 37 years ago
 is afloat again 
and planning a
 round the world cruise!

Punk - Tuation

A  L  O  H  A !
Fine Teacher by Cloud Control on Grooveshark

" The mystery of life
 is not a problem
 to be solved
but a reality
 to be experienced. "

 Art Van Der Leeuw

 " And it shall come to pass,
 when I bring a cloud 
over the earth,
that the bow shall be seen
 in the cloud; "

 Genesis 9:14

" The soul of sweet delight, 
can never be defiled. "

William Blake

" Inside my empty bottle 
I was constructing a lighthouse
 while all the others 
were making ships.  "

Charles Simic 

 ><}>( ° >

A Period is basic.

And simple.

The end of one

The Question Mark
meanders around
before it finds it's way
to the root of things,
where it balances
on a ball-
like a seal-
And claps.

Exclamation Point:
when you throw a can of paint
across mother's floor,
it makes a shocking line
that points right
to the thrower:

The look on mother's face
is the meaning
of the exclamation

And she may point

catch a breath.

And a Semi-Colon
is a comma
with a graduate degree.

This is the deep truth
that  I understand 
of these

The rules of grammar
 were written
to try and explain
the greatness
in the speech
 of talented people.

But it always gets away
from the rules-types
like lightening escapes
the jar they try to put it in.
'Exception that proves the rule'
my elbo!

I always understood
that I had that spark.

Like brown hair. 

Spoke and wrote
just knowing
what would sound
and say it

So I never bothered  
with the rules,
and still do not know them

I am a writer
not a grammarian.

Aren't YOU

Join us in comments and
'say what'

                        Fondly, cloudia