Tuesday, October 25, 2011

America's Purpose

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" No one knows
till he has suffered from the night
how sweet
and dear to his heart
and eye
the morning can be. "

 Bram Stoker

" Joys come
from simple and natural things:
mists over meadows, 
sunlight on leaves,
the path of the moon
over water. "

Sigurd F. Olson

" The only true voyage of discovery 
would not be to visit strange lands 
but to behold the universe
through the eyes of another. "


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" I pledge allegiance
 to the flag
 of the United States Of America. . .
Lottery & Justice
for all. "

Ours is a nation
founded on ideas,
it's just that we disagree
on exactly what those ideas are.

there has been an attempt
to label those who care
about our rising
as lazy or envious.

"You can still become rich." 
they say.

But I would answer
that when my grand parents
were brought to this country
as children,
their parents wanted them to have
more than a ticket in a game of chance.

America was a place
where no matter who you were
you could live decently
if you were willing to work hard.

And they did work hard.

was about her middle class,
and about rising, not falling,
standards of living
for ALL of her people -
not about the chance you had
to get lucky.

some Americans "earn"
millions & billions.
But many others
who work every day
are falling further
and further

So what is America for?
Winner takes all?

There is much waste and abuse.
There is much hidden behind the 'news.'

Even as we Americans pay more per-capita
for health care,
we fall further
and further
behind the developed world
in health coverage and outcomes.
Look it up.
Where do those dollars go?

When everything is left to the market,
human beings only have the value
of their bank accounts.

Is THAT liberty?
Or justice for ALL?

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