Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fire Engine Red

A  L  O  H  A   from    Honolulu!
" Into the house 
where joy lives, 
will gladly come. "
                Japanese Proverb

Sweet House Sparrow

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" I can think of 
no more stirring symbol
 of man's humanity 
to man than
 a fire engine. "
                     Kurt Vonnegut


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' Seems to me the basic conflict 
between men and women, sexually,
 is that men are like firemen.  
To men, sex is an emergency,
 and no matter what we're doing 
we can be ready in two minutes.  
Women, on the other hand, 
are like fire.  
They're very exciting, 
but the conditions have to be
 exactly right for it to occur. ' 
Jerry Seinfeld

Spaghetti That Stuck to the Wall

A  L  O  H  A   from   Honolulu!
“Veil after veil 
of thin dusky gauze 
is lifted, and 
by degrees the 
forms and colours 
of things are 
restored to them, 
and we watch the dawn 
remaking the world 
in its antique pattern.” 
                            Oscar Wilde

" Better an 
ounce of happiness 
than a pound 
of gold. "
                          Jewish Proverb

" If 
you have a talent,
 use it 
in every which way
 Don't hoard it. 
Don't dole it out 
like a miser. 
Spend it lavishly 
like a millionaire intent 
on going broke. "
                     Brendan Francis

" One accurate 
 is worth a thousand
 expert opinions. "
                Admiral Grace Hopper


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