Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wishes of a Perfect Day

A  L  O  H  A !

" Part of being a Master

 is learning how to sing

 in nobody else's 

voice but your own."

Hugh Macleod

" I really just want 

to be warm yellow light

 that pours over

 everyone I love. "

Conor Oberst 

" The people who live
 in a golden age 
usually go around 
how yellow 
everything looks. "

Randall Jarrell

" Your vision 

will become clear 

only when you can

 look into your own


Who looks outside,


who looks inside, 

awakes. "

Carl Jung 

=^..^=    <>[}:{]<>   <(-'.'-)>
< ° ) } } > <

Today is a crisp day here in Honolulu!
"The best weather on the planet"
a local meteorologist calls it.
When the Trade Winds blow,
and the Sun shines,
the Palms Wave,
 Waves roll in,
& People Smile.

The Ko`olau Mountains
are sharp enough
to cut your tongue.

Such are my wishes for you:
All the pleasures
of a perfect day!

Your Friendship is a Jewel
                           Thank You, cloudia