Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hope YOU Are

"Pure awareness
 transcends thinking... 

It allows you to 
look at the world 
once again 
with open eyes. 

And when you do so, 
a sense of wonder 
and quiet contentment 
begins to reappear 
in your life."

Mark Williams & Danny Pennman

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Happy in Plain Sight

A  L  O  H  A !
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Aladdin's Lamp

" Anger
 is a wind
 which blows out 
the lamp of the mind. "

Robert Green Ingersoll 

" Twilight 
drops her curtain down,
 and pins it 
with a star. "

Lucy Maud Montgomery 

" Remember 
to be gentle 
with yourself 
and others. 
We are all 
children of chance 
and none can say 
why some fields will blossom 
while others lay brown 
beneath the August sun."

Kent Nerburn 


Be gentle
gentle friend
with yourself
first of all.

Others may be selling,
or zombies - 

What is that
to YOU
child of stars?

Let them joust
popular phantoms.
How could you
wake them?

Be You
too busy
the evident.

You Deserve it.
Thanks for finding it
                              Warmly, cloudia