Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wild Duck Wednesday

A  L  O  H  A !

" Mix a little foolishness 
with your serious plans;
it's lovely to be silly 
at the right moment. "

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Two Stories to Every Side

A  L  O  H  A !
Fly Silly Sea Bird

" One doesn't discover 
new lands without 
consenting to lose sight 
of the shore for 
a very long time. "
                   Andre Gide

Golden Shores of the Recent Past
" No matter how obvious 
something may seem,
there are two sides 
to every story. "
                           Erin Bowman

" Life is tough, and 
if you have the ability 
to laugh at it you 
have the ability 
to enjoy it. "
                       Salma Hayek


Having a 
retired husband at home,
and that home being thousands of
miles, a time zone, and climate or
two away from "familiar"
is challenging.

On Oahu, I had decades-
long relationships with
trees, streets,
people, places
folkways and 
even potholes!

But here, I am a 
newbie, trying to discover
what to wear, what to eat,
where to walk.
But I am determined
to walk every day!

I have been so busy looking
and finding, that I have 
neglected my photography.
Though many small 
moments of beauty
abound in Marin
as in Honolulu.

On my walk,
there is a view of 
Mt. Tamalpais across the water
that I really MUST show you.
[If I can remember my camera!]

On my walk I see palms,
and Birds of Paradise,
and other Hawaii plants.
But it is cold. Though the geese
and ducks do not mind.
Seeing a pelican land on water
just a few yards away
is a comic experience.

I am enjoying Fall,
not dreading Winter,
and have just realized:
Spring Will Come!

And won't THAT be 

Thank YOU!
              Warmly, cloudia