Friday, July 20, 2012

Crime Scene

A L O H A !

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 I Still can't forget
what I saw today-

 Just another beautiful morning
for my walk
here in Waikiki.  

Until -

 Two uniformed officials
confronted a rather
pugnacious looking fellow
in yellow.
(Those numbers tattooed on his forehead
made him look scary)
"Don't resist, sir"
I heard one official say.

 A shot rang out!
 What happened next
I cannot say.
I Ran a block
in record time.

Another bystander
broke down
and cried!

but seriously:

 " There are not enough
 good things said 
about the people that
put themselves 
in harms way 
every day
 for us.
What does that say 
about us? "

Julie H├ębert


for the good 
YOU do
(Yes, comments count)
               Warmly, cloudia