Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A  L  O  H  A !
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 “ A man must dream
 a long time
 in order to act 
with grandeur;

 And dreaming
is nursed in 

 Jean Genet

 “ Everything around us
 is made up of energy. 

To attract positive things
 in your life, 
start by giving off
 positive energy. ” 

Celestine Chua

 " Follow 
your inner moonlight; 
don't hide
 the madness.” 

 Allen Ginsberg

" All I've done 
all my life 
is disobey. ” 

Edith Piaf

" A garden must
 combine the poetic 
and the mysterious 
with a feeling of serenity 
and joy.  "

Luis Barragan

" Understanding
 is a two-way street. "

Eleanor Roosevelt


If You don't believe
that integrity exists
you will be proved

If You live integrity,
you will meet it
knowing immediately
when it is

Thank YOU !

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