Friday, November 11, 2011

World Meets Hawaii

A L O H A Warms World Press
Notice how many say that Hawaii reminds them of home!

Hu Jintao in Waikiki 歡迎胡錦濤

Nihau      歡迎胡錦濤       ALOHA!

Mornings in Waikiki 
are usually peaceful.

But my walk to the post office
yesterday morning
was very different.

Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State,
was speaking at my alma mater
University of Hawaii;
Treasury Secretary Geithner
was holding a meeting nearby.
But this was 

The BIG show
was heading right for Waikiki.
Vacationers/holiday makers
looked on with interest.

Honolulu Police Officers
in their APEC Aloha finery 
were there:
President of the People's Republic of China
was on his way!

Local Chinese-Americans 
were present for the big day

The pride of this young couple
was evident!

Motorcades are always a quick let-down.
  The cheers of the crowd were exciting.

How To Get To the Post Office!


is a slide-show
of events.

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