Thursday, April 10, 2014

Good Fences Honolulu

I love the snug, sweet 
little single-walled
 bungalows of Honolulu.

“A woman's dress 
should be like 
a barbed-wire fence: 
serving its purpose 
obstructing the view.”

 Sophia Loren

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                          Warmly, cloudia

Creative Blocks

A   L   O   H   A  !
Bud, Budding, Blossoming,
Scattering. . .

" Henceforth 
I ask not 
good fortune. 
I myself am 
good fortune. "

Walt Whitman

" Hello Lamp post, 
watcha knowing?
I come to watch
your flowers growing
Looking for fun
and feeling Groovy "

Paul Simon

" If you love 
the labour of your trade, 
apart from any 
question of success 
or fame, 
the gods have called you. "

Robert Louis Stevenson


Like everyone else
I used to complain
of writer's block.

Now I understand:
creative work
takes the time
it needs,

IF you let it.

We can't push the river
or go against the flow.

[ calling it 'work ethic' ]

and truly birth the 
Real Thing
struggling to be
 born. *

I understand that
important creative work
does not occur
at the keyboard,
easel, or view finder.

is all the time
You Need.

                       Fondly, Cloudia

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* "Words of truth ARE paradoxical"
Lao Tzu is right.

The art of writing
is the art of applying
your bottom
to the seat
in front of the Keyboard.

If you would BE a writer:
Write. Your life
(if you are lucky) 
will become a
writer's life.

" If you wish to be a writer; write! "

Born Year 55