Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Your Gods are Adorable!

A   L   O   H   A  !
" Colonialism.
The enforced spread
of the rule of reason.
But who is going to
spread it 
among the colonizers? "

Anthony Burgess


Our visitor in the picture 
is unknowingly 
disrespecting a TIKI.

They originally represented 
Hawaiian Gods.

Or is it the restaurateur
who placed it there?

Yes, they were " Idols "
and were literally
" Cast Down "
by the Hawaiian People
themselves, under 
missionary influence.

The Hawaiian Kingdom
was overthrown
 January 17, 1893 


What does it do to a people
when their culture
is turned into kitsch?

Some contemporary 
Hawaiians are 
Traditional Cultural Practitioners.

Many more Hawaiians
and local residents
are Very proud
of Hawaiian Culture.

This is not a
slap on the wrist;
But a lesson
just another day
in Waikiki. . .

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Nothing Good or Bad

A   L   O   H   A  !
" Words of truth 
are always
paradoxical. "
                             Lao Tzu

 Pillars of the Sky 

" Dreams unwind

Love's a state of mind. "

                                      Fleetwod Mac

“  When you stop expecting 
people to be perfect, 
you can like them 
for who they are. ” 

 Donald Miller

“ Today expect something good 
to happen to you no matter what 
occurred yesterday. 
Realize the past no longer 
holds you captive. 
It can only continue 
to hurt you 
if you hold on to it.
 Let the past go. 
A simply abundant world 
awaits. ” 

Sarah Ban Breathnach


Had a scary health problem
in the middle of the night.
Likely a one-time
not abnormal issue,
says Medicine.

Didn't go to hospital,
Could have been much worse,
REALLY celebrating my Health,
and it feels GREAT!
Healthy People Problems

Ceiling leaking!
Water all about!
We no longer live on Boat
where water can mean

We're not gonna sink,
Building heroes are on it.
Celebrate a place to stay!
Housed-People Problems.

Car needs repair
to pass State inspection.
I have money to fix it,
a good guy mechanic,
glad to know
I needed brakes!
Celebrate mobility!
Vehicle Owner Problems.

You & I know people
who would complain of 
all these things.
Even bitterly.

I was one of them  too long.

Now I'm celebrating
all that I enjoy.
Celebrate Life!
- Living People Problems -

How is YOUr Week Going?

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