Wednesday, March 30, 2022

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A L O H A From Honolulu!
Pink Sky
Make me Think

Pink Darters Darting
in a Baby Blue Sea.

You & I
go a long way back,
Oahu Skies
Full of Gods, Powers & Tales.
Blessed. Best.
It's Here I'll Keep
My Rest!

Red Delight
Ante-ceding Night
I look to the sea
that sailors live upon
sleeping on her bosom
all night long.

I Wonder at
Their Boundless Delights.
But as for me?
Shore City Nights!

Diamond Head Bus Stop
Quiet & Still.
Tranquil striated slopes
on the iconic hill
where temples and signals
betokened ancient forces.
Later overlooked the
19th Century racing of horses.
Named for a beloved Queen:
Kapiolani Park

The Bus! The Bus!
Always Exciting!
Ever Reliable
Thrill in the Sighting!

Waikiki Route 20 Link

8 Main Islands
Shining in the Sea
part of an
Archipelago *
longer than a thousand
nautical miles.

But these main 8
are the factory of smiles.

The Ninth Island?
We call Vegas that!

Quack! Peep! Moan!
Duck Nursery has
returned home!

Living out here has
just meant happiness.
Sometimes I think
I'm half-mad
with love
for this place.
   Georgia O'Keeffe

And Pixie
& Me
We Love You!